5 Signs of a Wet Basement Problem
Just because there isn’t visible standing water on your basement floor doesn’t mean that it’s free from water or moisture issues. That’s right, in some cases...
Your Home Appliances CAN Cause Water Damage
When you think of the leading causes of water damage, severe weather and heavy rainfall likely comes to mind. After all, severe weather in the United...
The Hazards of Water Damage to Your Home
While nobody ever wants to return home to a flooded property, the hazards of water damage extend far beyond just what meets the eye. Yes, any...
Why Hire a Professional to Do Water or Fire Damage Restoration?
It's just a little bit of water damage, right? That smoke odor and smoke stain in the fire-damaged area of the kitchen will just all buff...
Common and Effective Wet Basement Solutions
The only way to keep water from returning to your basement is to eliminate the source of the issue. For some flooded basements, the source can...
The Three Leading Causes of the Need for Water Damage Restoration
While water damage caused by flooding from severe weather, heavy rainfall or wind-driven rain commonly requires restoration, you might be surprised to learn that Mother Nature actually isn't...
Rebuilding Your Life After a Fire Damage
According to the NFPA, more than 358,000 home fires occur throughout the year in the United States, totaling about $6.7 billion in total damage. And while...
How to File A Water Damage Claim
Filing a claim with your insurance company typically means that something unfortunate has happened, yet your insurance policy is the fallback and silver lining that you...
Water Damage and Your Insurance
It’s never an ideal situation when you check the basement the day after a big storm to find it flooded with water. And while storms certainly...
What to do in the First 24 Hours after Water Damage?
While water damage isn’t something that you ever want to experience, the reality of it is that it does occur – and knowing what to do...
Smoke Detector Facts & Tips
Smoke detectors save lives – it’s that simple. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), about three out of every five people that perish in...
How to Prevent Frozen Pipes
When the temperature drops outside, it can wreak havoc on your home’s water pipes. That’s because the water in your pipes has a greater likelihood of...
How do you find the right water damage restoration services?
[embed][/embed]   How do you find the right water damage restoration services? That is an important question The problem is that finding the right water damage...
How to Prevent Bathroom Mold?
If the proper measures aren't in place, your bathroom could quickly turn from a comforting, inviting space into a mold-infested nightmare. This is largely because bathrooms...
Can I Dry Hardwood Floor After Water Damage?
Has a leaky pipe soaked your kitchen floor? Did a bad storm damage the wood basketball court floor in the local gym? Regardless of the circumstances...
Will a Sprinkler System Cause Water Damage?
Just because a lawn sprinkler system operates on the exterior of your home doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have the potential to wreak havoc on the...
What should be done in order to prevent the Christmas tree from being set on fire?
As the Holiday season is drawing nearer and nearer, many of us are prone to making mistakes due to the Christmas rush and stress, mistakes which...
How to prevent water damage in your basement?
Water damage is the primary cause of foundation problems in homes. The damage extends far beyond the immediate aftermath of the storm, too. You might have...
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With TES we dry two to three times faster than conventional drying and faster than every other heat system on the market by directing the heat...
Construction & Remodeling Services
Master Service Group is a licensed builder in the State of Illinois Fire, wind, or water related damage to your home or business can be overwhelming....
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Drying and dehumidification of walls and floors is an important process after any flood to minimize damage. We at Master Service Group carry out a complete...
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At Master Service Group, fire damage restoration is one of our core services. Since 2000 we have restored homes and personal belongings from fire-related damage ranging...


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